There are one and a half times more supporters of nuclear generation in the world than opponents

There are one and a half times more supporters of nuclear energy in the world than opponents: 46% of the former and 28% of the latter. In China, Russia, UAE and India, the advantage is threefold.

These are the results of a survey commissioned by the energy consulting company Radiant Energy Group. More than 20,000 people in Russia, China, India, Sweden, South Korea, France, Philippines, Norway, South Africa, USA, UK, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Spain and UAE participated in the online survey.

66% of respondents consider nuclear to be the most reliable source of energy, with four times as many in favour of its use as against. 79% said they are concerned about nuclear safety, but even in this group 40% support the use of nuclear energy, 33% oppose.

"While the support and opposition figures provide an indication of public sentiment, they are a poor reflection of what the public wants from the government," Radiant Energy Group points out. - In the group of respondents who say they tend to oppose the use of nuclear power, 54% nevertheless support policies to keep nuclear plants operating, and 17% want more nuclear plants built."